Feb 12, 2023

Power’s 5th annual CD&I Summit welcomed guests to Atlanta


If you think that the Power Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Summit is just another typical, boring corporate conference—think again. Instead of C-level leaders delivering hours of talks filled with jargon and vague promises about diversity and inclusion at work, a group of employees with diverse backgrounds and titles led the summit.

Diving deep into the 2022 theme—Diverse Beyond the Surface—attendees from underrepresented groups and their allies bonded and explored both their individual and collective identities through talks, interviews, film, interactive installations, dinners, celebrations, and small group breakout sessions.

During the event, attendees discussed topics like race, sexual orientation, intersectionality, immigration, neurodiversity, and leadership development in an effort to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

The goal? Twofold. One—to spark more understanding while dismantling preconceived notions we hold about others. Two—to keep the progress going towards creating a truly inclusive work culture that Power Home Remodeling has been striving for since the first CD&I Summit, held in 2017.

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