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As a member of our global technology team,
you’ll create groundbreaking solutions
and industry-leading innovations.

Power Innovations

At Power we move fast, collaborate seamlessly, and iterate quickly. We get to solve unique challenges. As a member of Power’s global technology team, you will create innovative solutions that are synonymous with start-up culture, but within a billion-dollar enterprise. Basically, we’re a tech powerhouse hidden inside a home remodeling company.

Power Technology Platform


When you build your own systems and software, you gain an intimate knowledge of your business. Our in-house software platform, Nitro, is built to scale, and seamlessly integrates all aspects of our customer journey.

This empowers our technologists to collaborate with business leaders and create solutions for marketing, sales, operations, and finance. Nitro is also a collaborative communication platform so whether you’re across the hall or across the globe, the feedback loop between you and your end-users is always flowing.


Timothy G. Wenhold

Tim is responsible for all aspects of technology for our high-growth-mode company. This includes being the architect behind Nitro, Power’s unique, state-of-the-art collaborative intelligence platform. Since joining Power in 2007, Timothy’s counsel, vision, and leadership have been instrumental to the company’s rapid growth.


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When you do right by your employees, the world takes notice. But our goal isn’t to be the best home remodeler to work for—it’s to become the best place to work in the world. Period.

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